So here’s the soccer ball update. We’re two weeks in now and so far, so good. Peyton, for the most part, is still in to it. She even scored two goals at her first game! One was for the other team, but whatever. It was exciting. And, oh, it was also FREAKIN’ FREEZING! It was about 34 degrees, windy as hell, and at one point, hailing. I gotta give it to Peyton, she didn’t complain. She even took her gloves off at one point. I like to think it was because she’s a warrior and wanted to show the other team how incredibly tough she is. In reality, it’s because her Mother of the Year didn’t pack her own gloves, so she had to use the 5-times-to-big version that I just-so-happened to have in my coat pocket. Ugh. But back to the action….

Three and four year old soccer is kinda like watching a swarm of bees running around the field. In one giant clump, they make their way up and down, back and forth, over and over. The energy at this age is *almost* endless. (I say *almost*, because even a 4-year-old has her limits!) But for almost an hour straight these kids run. And run. And run. And… WATER BREAK!!!

The water break has become Peyton’s favorite part of soccer ball. The kids’ faces light up like Christmas morn when the coach yells those magical words. “WATER BREAK!” It’s a mad dash to the parents for a quick refreshment, then we’re back to it.

Peyton loses a little focus at practice. This week I caught her sitting on her ball with two friends playing Patty Cake or some dumb crap while the coach was running the drills. Yeah, that ain’t happening on my watch! So I got up, walked over, and told the girls to respect their coach and do the drills. Then quietly made my way back to the cheap seats for the remainder of the evening.

You never stop teaching. I totally want to be the parent who sits back and let’s the coach run the show, but it’s uber hard for him to keep up with 30 little 4-year-olds. This poor guy can’t be putting the kibosh on every Patty Cake game that breaks out, so I made the assist.

Sports are about respect and teamwork. So far, Peyton is doing beautifully and I couldn’t be more proud. She scored two more goals today…. both for her own team this time.


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