A Shot in the Side


I ran my first race! It was a 2-miler in downtown Cleveland that was sponsored by The Winking Lizard. The event was called “A Shot in the Dark”. Here’s a recap of events.

Mike went with me and we arrived about an hour early. This was ideal, since it allowed us to take our time parking, walk to the Lizard and got Mike the perfect spot at the air conditioned bar.

The next hour took about a year. Or so it felt. I was nervous as all get out and anxious to get going. Finally, about 15 minutes to post, I went out and took a brisk warm up walk. Then I headed to the start.

It was very exciting! I had my number pinned to my shirt. I had my race tracker timer thingy attached to my shoe. I was crowded in to a group of people who were all like me. Ready to go!

It was about 86 degrees at the 5pm start time and being that it was downtown, there was no
shade on the course. So, yes, it was HOT! But I was still feeling really good, even though Mr. Heat and I don’t get along so well.

The bell finally wrang and we were off! I started out fantastic. I felt really good. Ran to the beat of my music, as I always do. One mile in, my legs are great, my conditioning is good… holy cow, I might actually hit my 20 minutes or less goal! Or so I thought…

One and a half miles in, I feel a pain in my side. And out of nowhere, it completely takes me out. The cramp was so intense that I couldn’t stand up straight and breathing was very difficult. That was my worst fear for the race… a cramp… and it happened. Boooo!

So I had to walk about the last half mile. I ended up finishing in 24 minutes, which was 4 minutes past my goal time. But these things happen. I finished! But there’s more work to do and more races in my future.

I’ll be trying to redeem myself this weekend at a 5K (3 miles) in Lakewood. If nothing else, I get 2 free beers for running in it. Woohoo! Let’s see how it goes!


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