Back on the Grid


I’ve recently been reminded of just how “on the grid” I am. So in the spirit of my love for Internet people stalking, I decided to stalk, well, myself.

I was quickly taken to my abandoned blog site, since it was the very first search result when you Google my name. How embarrassing that it’s been 2 years since I’ve updated this thing. I don’t need people thinking I’m a quitter, so I’m gonna dive back in and see what happens.

So where to start? Saying there have been some changes in my life in the last two years is a gross understatement. We sold our old house. And while building our new one, moved our family of 4 in to a 900-square foot apartment for 5 months. It was the summer of forced family bonding. The kids thought it was a vacation. I thought it was exactly what 4 people in a small space would be like. At least it had a pool.

I also quit my job. After working at Key for 15 years, I decided to call it quits to spend time with my kids while they still like me. And while they think I’m cool to hang with. Best decision I’ve ever made and I’m a very fortunate soul for being able to do it. That’s not to say that I don’t lose my mind every so often, though. Like right now. They’re upstairs and it sounds like either of them will drop through the ceiling at any moment. Hopefully the construction crew did a good job on our new place.

A new house for us meant a new neighborhood, new school, new activities, new friends. I love it where we live. Love it. I’ve met some really cool people and have already hosted, and have been hosted to, my fair share of play dates with school and neighborhood friends. These are exciting times, for sure.

As follow up to earlier posts, Peyton no longer does soccer ball. She’s a gymnast now and loves it. (She may have been switched at birth.) Ben is an all-sport athlete and has never met a ball he doesn’t love. Thank God.

As for my running, well, it’s come to a halt for now. My “good Achilles” is on the fritz and since I really want to avoid snapping another one, I’ve slowed my speed to walking. But that’s kinda boring as hell, so I’ll probably start running again in the spring, I’ll get back to working my way up to a 5K. The Achilles issue will work itself out. Or it’ll snap. Either way, I can’t just stop moving. That’s good for no one.

It’s nice to be back on the grid. Until next time…