The Hitch in My Giddyup


Countdown to the Rite Aid 10K:  24 days : 21 hours : 13 minutes : 10…9…8…7 seconds. The clock is definitely ticking, but unfortunately my training has taken a slight detour due to a few injuries.

I was going along well. Like, reeeeeally well! I had worked my way up to being able to run 7 miles. IN A ROW. And without stopping. For me, that’s a feat I never in a billion years thought I’d be able to do. I remember my days building up to a 5K and thinking to myself “How do people keep going?”.  And now I’m the person who keeps going. It’s pretty cool and when I think of running 2-3 miles as a “short run”, it still kinda cracks me up. Who is this girl?!

Well, she’s a runner.  And with that label comes injury and being that I’m a new to running longer distances, it was only a matter of time before injury fell on me.

I’ve self diagnosed myself with ITBS. (Iliotibial Band Syndrome) I’ve read the internet from front to back on the subject and everything I see tells me that this is what I’m dealing with. It’s pain on the outside of the knee, and for me, also in the hip, from the IT band rubbing over the bone. It’s due to a lack of good form (check!), bad hip alignment (check!), increasing your mileage too fast and too soon (check!) and so on. So I guess I’m not totally shocked that I ended up with ITBS, but it still honks me off, nonetheless.

All you can do to treat ITBS is rest, ice, take some Aleve and buy yourself a foam roller, which I totally did.  I have a love-hate relationship with that thing. Anyone who has used one will tell you the same. They suck.  But it’s a necessary evil and it feels pretty good once the torture is over.

The purchases haven’t stopped there. Oh no. I also bought up an IT Band strap, some KT Tape and of course, what do ALL runners do when something feels off? They buy new shoes. I also made a trip to my podiatrist to see about getting my (what I think now are bogus) orthotics adjusted. Can you sense the desperation in me to get back to my training? I’ll try anything.

The IT Band strap, I think, was a bust. But in fairness, I only gave it one test run. I had the pain, so it quickly became dead to me and I moved on to the KT Tape. The jury is still out on this one, because I had a great run with it, a not-so-great run and then another good run, but I keep using it because I really do think there’s something to it. The shoes were my latest acquisition and I was able to do 2 speedy fast miles in them with only some mild hip pain. (I was also KT Taped up at the time.) So I think the new Asics were a great purchase. And they’re super cute, so that’s always fun.

It’s been about two and a half weeks since the onset of my pain. In that time, I’ve run five times. Just 2 or so miles here and there to test out my latest purchases. Looking back, perhaps the best thing to do would have been to just hang up the shoes completely for those two and a half weeks and totally rest. But who does that?! I mean, really, WHO CAN DO THAT?!?

Especially when the Rite Aid 10K is now in 24 days : 20 hours : 33 minutes : 10…9…8…7 seconds……..